LA Shopping: Fashion District

Los Angeles is known as the fashion capital of the west coast.  There are a variety of different prestigious shopping locations, such as Rodeo drive, but the Fashion District is where the deals are. While you might spot a celebrity on Rodeo Drive, you will most certainly spot discount prices and unique fashions in the Fashion District. With over 1,000 stores in a 90 block radius, the Fashion District is the perfect hunting ground for the die-hard shopper.

The Fashion District can be a bit overwhelming if you have never been there. So before you race over to the Fashion District for those amazing shopping deals and discounts, here are a few things to keep in mind:

In order to efficiently navigate without wasting valuable shopping time, be sure to take a map of the district with you – trying to explore the 90 blocks without some direction can be a bit daunting. You can download a map here.

Entrance to Santee Alley

Unless you know exactly the type of merchandise you are looking for, it can be difficult deciding where to begin your shopping extravaganza. Santee Alley, yes it really is an alley, is a great place to start your shopping excursion.  Commonly referred to as ‘The Alley,” it is widely known for its great bargains and lively atmosphere. Although only two blocks long, the Alley offers shoppers a taste of the different types of stores and merchandise available in the Fashion District.

Dress comfortably!

You will be doing a lot of walking in crowded areas, so be sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. There is no need to dress like you are shopping on Rodeo Drive. Bargaining and haggling are both expected and encouraged in the district. Dressing to impress implies you have money to spend. If you want to receive the amazing bargains the Fashion District is known for, dress accordingly. Take advantage – dress comfortable and haggle for great deals!

Bring cash. Many stores do not accept credit cards. If you get to the Fashion District without any cash, don’t worry. There are many ATMs sprinkled throughout the district.

Size and fit on clothing is not consistent from store to store or even from garment to garment. So before you buy any clothing articles, try it on first! The majority of the shops do not have conventional dressing rooms. Wear thin, non-bulky clothes so you can easily try things on over your clothes.

Large selections!

There is a high turnover of merchandise, so if you see something you cannot live without, it is best to buy it while it is still available.  Be aware that much of the merchandise is sold “as is,” so make sure you are comfortable with the condition of your choices before you purchase. Checking the condition of the merchandise can be helpful during the bargaining process. Merchants want you to purchase their product – make certain you want to purchase it too.

Use the restroom before going to district. There are restrooms located sporadically throughout the district, but if you do not know where you are going they can be very difficult to find. In addition, the majority of the restrooms you will find will not be ones you want to use.

The Fashion District offers its visitors a chance to shop unique trends at affordable prices. As the creative center for the fashion industry, any fashion craze can be at your fingertips. So explore the abundant selection of stores and merchandise – who knows what you may find!

Endless shopping possibilities!

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